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Festivals and Educational Events by the GroupHere we will present several albums of educational events that have been hosted and share by the group with the local Tacoma and northwest USA area. Read individual albums for details about these events and do leave us comments on the pictures.
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Point Defiance Zoo 2007 (Tacoma, WA)


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Bullitt Center Road Trip


NWSG Solar Road to Bullitt Center in Seattle. A net-zero 5 story commercial building in the heart of Seattle that is sustained with 244kw solar panel array on it's roof, recycles rain water, and composts and cleans all it's own grey water for reuse.

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Mother Earth News Fair 2013 (Puyallup, WA)


The Mother Earth News Fair Puyallup Fairgrounds on June 1-2 was a huge success! People from all over the northwest region liked our solar hotwater display. People were amazed how the sun can heat up a 10 gallon tank of water so easily with no moving parts. The gauge was reading 120 degrees most of the day. The solar pv tracking assembly was also a hit. Dave gave two basic training sessions to demo the system and had huge crowds asking questions both time. But the entire two days was spent talking with people. The solar tracker failed on Satur but Sunday morning Allen Zaske saved the day by bringing an extra tracking motor. Thanks Allen! The two large L16 6v batteries the club owns would not hold a charge, so Robert Grothe volunteered to drive home and pick up his batteries and we were able to to give a complete demonstration. Thanks Robert! Robert volunteered to cooked on our Solar Oven for the two days. He cooked biscuits, ham & cheese grilled sandwiches, tilapia fish, potatoes & onions, and topped that off with S'Mores, ummm. It was a good two day solar cooking event! Bob Bonnell brought his electric lawn mower and as usuall people were amazed, he was kepted talking all day Saturday. And of course the solar powered bubble machine caught all the kids attention with the bubbles. Thanks to all the volunteers, John, Ellen & John, Kerry & Helen, Stan & Shirley, especially Bill for helping pack it all up on Sunday evening. It was a AWESOME two day solar event!

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Mother Earth News Fair 2012 (Puyallup, WA)


Mother Earth News Fair in Puyallup June 2-3, was a great success. Lots of people all highly interested in renewable energy, and embracing the healthy lifestyle by growing quality foods either in their own backyards or in community gardens. NWSG had close to 10 volunteers for this two day event, with 3 solar installer members having their own booths. Everyone was pleased with the turnout, and we generated several kWhr's of solar pv electricity we put to good use on one of the kids favorites, a solar powered bubble maker. For the adults we had not only the Solar PV tracking display and Solar Hot Water panel, but an electric lawn mower that got lots of attention, and one member parked his red all electric vehicle alongside the booth which drew crowds like a magnet. (pun intended) We ran out of several handouts as the crowds from Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, and Canada came pouring through our booth with hundreds of questions, comments, and to share their solar renewable stories with us. It was awesome! (a BIG shoutout to those who organized this for us, well done!)

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Tacoma Solar Tour 2011


Was an eventful guided tour with a van load of people that fast became friends as we visited about 6 different solar systems throughout the Tacoma area with different PV configurations, layouts, and setups. Each owner was on hand to answer our groups questions and all were very positive about their solar PV systems, very knowledgeable about how they worked and the money they were saving.

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Nisqually Watershed Festival 2010


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Tacoma Solar Tour 2010


Solar Tour Tacoma WA

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Mother Earth News Fair 2006 (Puyallup,WA)


Northwest Solar Group sponsored a booth at the Earth Fair.

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Mother Earth News Fair 2003 (Puyullap, WA)


Northwest Solar Group sponsored an educational booth at the Earth Fair 2003.

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Shoreline Renewable Energy Fair


Northwest Solar Group sponsored a booth at the Shoreline Renewable Energy Faith.

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Solar PV InstallsHere we will list pictures of solar panel installations done by our members. This should help you get a real feel of what it takes to put up a solar system or have it done by an area professional.
Solar Hot Water InstallsHere we show pictures of installations by members of the thermal solars in our group.
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Training Workshops


Solar Thermal Workshops, here we will share pictures of training sessions we do from time to time with group members. Ask at the NWSG meetings for the next available class. Or check the website calendar.

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Solar Around the WorldSeveral of our members have had the privilege of traveling to several countries to help the local population install community based solar systems. Look under the individual albums for details about these trips and projects.
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Ghana Solar Water Pumps

Brad's trip to Ghana to install solar water pumps for the villagers.

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Rwanda Community PV Solar


Brad's Rwanda trip to install solar panels for the community. \

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India PV Solar


Brad's trip to India to install solar panels.

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Solar Projects in AreaHere we will highlight solar projects being constructed by members of the Tacoma and surrounding area.
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Solar Projects - misc


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Electric CarsHere's a section for the local electric car enthusiasts group which meets each month as a subset of our solar group.
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electric cars


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